Our Philosophy

To ensure that we provide our customers with fresh top-quality products with a unique aroma and the very best taste at all times, we set the highest standards for both ourselves and our producers.

This also involves being aware of our responsibility towards our customers, consumers and the environment.

That is why we attach great importance to sustainable management.

Quality you can taste

Our products stand out for their premium quality and excellent flavours.

The favourable climatic conditions in Bulgaria give our fruit and vegetables their distinctive taste.

There’s a little bit of Bulgarian sunshine in each and every one of our products – and you can taste it too!

When we say ‘fresh’, we mean fresh

We supply our products directly to our customers, which means that we can guarantee maximum freshness and quality for all our products.

Our sophisticated logistics system, a closed cold chain and the elimination of handling and repackaging processes mean that the quality and freshness of our products are retained.

Sustainability matters

The way in which we conduct our business and the decisions we make are governed by sustainability:
Our goal is to successfully co-ordinate economical, ecological, social and cultural issues.

For years now, we have been offering organic products from carefully selected producers, thereby meeting the needs of many consumers wishing to be more environmentally friendly.

Bulgarfrukt-Fruchthandels GmbH

We look forward to receiving any questions, requests or suggestions you may have.

Contact Us

Registered office of the company: Munich, Germany
Managing Director: Roumen Kirkov (Dipl.-Kfm. – business administration graduate)
Register court: Munich District Court; registered in the Commercial Register (Part B) under 96030
Tax No.: 143/122/60116
VAT ID No.: DE129307984
ILN No.: 4399901872677
EU Code No.: DE-ÖKO-001

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